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This is an arm of KD royal gate group focused mainly on developing programs primarily to help Christian pilgrims in their journey through the rough world system. We organize seminars, retreats and send out newsletters in areas of marriage, sex education, bible teachings on several hard topics. So if you are a Christian and would want to be getting our newsletters and notifications for future events.
This club was founded by Rev Chinwe Chris-Emenike to care for the needs of the less privileged and students in colleges and high institutions. They provide grocery packages, shoes, Christian reding materials and toys for the children. Nevertheless unlike most programs this club accomplishes its goal by establishing Christian fellowships within the campuses to carry on its function as part of the student body with appointed officials to run the affairs of the club. If you have a burden and want us to establish one of the clubs in your campus, send us an email and sign up today. We will respond to you by God's grace. This club is still primarily for American colleges only unil we are ready to reach out outside the country.
Have you wondered what God eats, where He lives, and what He looks like? God is a real personality and also an Almighty King who dwells in heaven. He feeds purely on the daily praises, thanksgiving and worships coming from all His creatures like you and me {Psalm 50:12-14}. In fact God requires a daily supply of our gratitude and praises to justify His effort for the troubles of creating man on earth {Rev 4:11}. King David was the first to discover this God’s greatest need and was also the first to set up a daily praise offering unto God. This was why God called David a man after his heart {1chron.23:3-5 & 30}. So in this program we are giving you an opportunity to sign up to become a member of the global praise team offering a 24/7 praise to God for just 10 minutes daily. When you sign on you will choose your own time within a 24 hours span which time you will be on duty to offer praise unto God. To read more about this click on THE ARTICLE and read "INSTANT SOLUTION TO YOUR NEEDS";, "SIMPLE GUIDE ON HOW TO ENTER THE THRONE AND SEE GOD VOL 1 & VOL II". “the starved god or the vacancy in heaven” and Also read the entire abstract on thanksgiving offering to God to learn how to minister to God click on “ simple guide to offer praise offering”
This is the exclusive spiritual club reserved for women who want to give a part of their time primarily in praise and worship to God for an appointed time. It demands a lot of sacrifice and discipline because within the time chosen the woman will set herself aside from any thing that competes with her absolute love for God. She will offer praise and dance to God for a period of 40 days minimum or 120 days maximum. Call it a vacation to heaven because you will voluntarily be cut off fromthe world system. In this period you will be encouraged to tune in online to join the praise stream at any of the regional station or our U.S. base. This is a time of romance with God to show him gratitude and make him happy. Now because this is peculiar, our team wants to make sure that you are ready for it before signing up. When you fill the application, our special team will pray and assign you a time.
Every believer is considered a pilgrim running the race of life. Along the line there will be exhaustion or low energy level. Pilgrims rest is a program scheduled to empower the weary especially the ministers or vision bearers. It is organized twice a year in our U.S base. This is a camp meeting where you will be taught how to re-discover God using the Kings formula. The question I ask each minister is; did God actually call you, and what did he ask you to accomplish? Show us the sign of your calling and we will know who called you.
This is exclusive for those who believe in what God is doing through this organization and wants to be part of it through their financial gifts and support. Again you could sponsor a project without being a member of this circle. We will always give you an acknowledgement letter relevant for your tax purposes.

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