About Us

KD ROYAL GATE GROUP is a Christian organization based in the United States of America with a primarily concept to create a world of entertainment that radiates light to a dark world. It is about relationship with God on a different level and not mainly entertainment per say. So everyone in this team works toward pleasing God to achieve this purpose by His grace. We have put in place various programs and services through the help of award winning team in the music industry. We also relate with the pros and personalities that touch the world of music.

Our team are comprised of experienced professionals who handle every different unit of the organization from Business management, MUSIC, production,, making the movie clip, writing devotional materials and even taking your prayer request.

We have managers in EUROPE, ASIA and AFRICA who help us attend each mile stone. We are glad to tell you that for the fact that you are reading this line now is the simple push that strengths us to push for more.


He is by divine call, an anointed prophet of God and a teacher of the word, called into the order of King David, so the name prince. He had his first prophetic encounter at the age of 3 when he first prophesied to his parent of an imminent war situation and instructed them to leave the town immediately. He became born again at 7 years. He attended a seminary and had an angelic visit at age 13. He latter had a deeper life encounter when God descended in a pillar of fire, four foot apart at 15 years of age. He was 21 years when the Holy Ghost came into his room one evening and taught him all night on the true meaning of the word seed of God. Then latter

at the age of 24, he was transported in the spirit into the century of King David to see who he was at his very old age. Thereafter in that particular scene was anointed in the order of King David and charged to restore back the broken down tabernacle of God to the present church. However, was restrained in the spirit to keep silence
until the time appointed, which is now.

He started writing and singing his song very early and has been guest minister and teacher of the word in many Christian churches, conferences, and fellowships. He is gifted in music and so coordinates the making and production of any of his art works as co-producer / executive producer.

He has a Bachelors of science degree in microbiology but highly experienced and board approved in professional business development and management, real estate investment, financial and insurance consultancy. He has held strong positions in companies as Executive Director and has worked in Wall Street. Currently he has written three books: MEN ON TRANSIT, WHY HE CAME and ABC GUIDE TO OPENNING A BUSINESS.

She is an ordained minister who specifically works to bring relief to the less privileged and students in Campuses. She has earned academic degrees in both financial and medical profession which makes her project much interesting. She founded praise Christian club that is now in various high institutions in America. They organize weekly campus Christian fellowships, give out monthly free groceries to students, donate free shoes, bibles, toys to children centers & hospital.