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We all guarantee that if God appeared to us in person, our problems will be over, because we believe he can do all things {Luke 1:37}. Now have you ever thought of what you could do to then attract God’s immediate attention to yourself? Do you really want to personally impress God and obtain His blessings better than anyone else? Do you know for sure that God is real and actually have feelings and emotions just like us. You can have a real closeness with God and hear his voice speak to you  in the language you  speak.

Have you also wondered what God eats, where He lives, and what He looks like? God is a real personality but as an Almighty King who resides in heaven. He feeds purely by the daily praises, thanksgiving and worships coming from all His creatures like you and I {Psalm 50:12-14}. In real fact, God requires a daily supply of our gratitude and praises to justify His effort for the troubles of creating man on earth {Rev 4:11}. King David was the first to discover this God’s greatest need and was also the first to set up a daily praise offering unto God. This was why God called David: A man after his Heart {1chron.23:3-5 & 30}. There is no King without subjects.

Nevertheless, after the time of David, no man has considered this need of God as important. Therefore at this moment, God is seeking for the true worshipers in the spirit and in truth. The only thing God cannot do is to praise Himself and that becomes His greatest and only weakness. We humans live in homes and feed on respective meals but The All Powerful and Almighty God draws his strength through Praises and sits on a throne that has its structural base strengthened daily by the supply of worship { exodus 15:11}. Therefore when you refuse to be thankful in your heart and give Glory to Him in all things, you cause God pain and regrets for making you. Now because God lives in a shelter built by cloud of Glory,not praising Him is like, intentionally rendering God homeless, so to say!

God usually seek our attention by allowing unusual things to happen around us. These things are meant to remind us of whom we are and that there is someone called God who also wants our attention. The problem you may be facing right now that gives you sleepless nights could be one of those knocks by God asking you to reconsider your decision toward him in your own life. To surprise God, why not take out a little time, look up and for the first time, show God Love by calling Him sweet names and telling Him how glad you are that He is God. Thank Him for the air you breathe, your weaknesses, your beauty, your sickness or whatever it is that hurts you.  Now imagine yourself leaning on His chest as your father, whispering in His ears how much you love Him, and letting Him know you are counting on Him to carry you through,over the hills of life.

This may surprise you, but do you know that God expects you to treat him daily as you could to your earthly loving parent{Malachi 1:6}. He wants to enjoy holding your hands and talking to you in a language that only you will understand;give you rest from all your struggles because he cares.

One very silent killer is to find oneself become a habitual complainant about things including issues one cannot change. Do you know that worrying over things you cannot change only leaves you weaker than what you were before getting worried. So in the place of worrying and blaming others for your pains, simply thank God for the situation and bless everyone that causes you that pain. You are like a mighty airplane running along the tarmac; take every life resistance as that strong wind required for your take off to great height.  Without that strong air resisting your thrust, you, like the plane cannot fly.  God created the world and knew exactly how to rescue us at each point in time {1Cor10:13}. When we let the designer and owner of our life take absolute control through praises, even the worst situations can become our life changing situation for good{Rom 8:28}.

Do you know that praising God is like giving Him a treat or putting a bowl of meal on the table of a very hungry man? God is hungry for your praise{Psalm 50:23}. When we talk about praise, we are looking at an involuntary personal act where you daily, consciously Thank God for giving you an opportunity to be called a human being in a world of diverse creatures including bugs and all animals. You could have been one of them but you are not{John 4:23}. What did we do to even deserve who we are, so why do we carry ourselves as if we created ourselves? Learn to love others as yourself. Do not curse nor imagine an evil wish against anyone especially what you don’t wish yourself {Mathew 22:37, 39}.

Do you know Jesus Christ the Son of God or do you intend to know Him? Why not in a simple word say right now, “Lord Jesus, I accept you as my lord and savior”. Please forgive all my sins. Help me trust you to guide my way daily by the power of thy Holy Spirit”. If you have just said this with your heart and willing to give him a chance, then you are saved {John 1:12}.

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