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In the Book of Haggai 2:3 the lord asked a very simple question to His people Israel”who is “left” among you that saw this “HOUSE “in her FIRST glory? And how do ye NOW see it not in your eyes in comparison of it as NOTHING?

It is rather a reality that except a drastic change takes place in Christendom the reality of God with the stories of the Bible will turn into a complete history book of men that once served a GOD called JEHOVAH and his son Jesus Christ. This generation is failing humanity to manifest God as in the days of old. { could you attest talking with God as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua in the days when the smallest, weakest believer among them could tell story of hearing trumpets from mount Sinai, smokes and the cloud of Glory}

Suffix me to mention the exploits of the Apostles in all kinds of experiences including spiritual supersonic flight by Philips. What is your own story to these? 

Let’s even not go too far, look back in the late 60s and 70s and compare with what is left for Christianity today. Will God be smiling at this time around or is intending to cause an east wind over the tree called Christianity to shake off the wild nest of evils, complacency, self centeredness, stagnancy, greed of money, fame and struggles over who will be the leader among the church. What a people of God?    

We want to see the manifestation of God as never before in its reality than the presence “goose pimple church experience”. People want to experience first hand, the raw miracles and the gift of the Holy Spirits in full manifestation – raise the dead, heal the lame, give sight to the blind, open deaf ears and not in sign languages.

We are supposed to be witnesses of the resurrected Christ by ourselves.

It has never happened in the history where a great king in the rank of a messiah is coming and there is no enthusiasm among the people to welcome Him rather believers wants self empires.

The preaching of the second coming of Christ is rather dead among Christians, there is no looking up in expectation rather men wants to build three tabernacles.


We are inviting you to sign on to become part of this program. All that you need do is to send us a mail indicating you are joining, then tell us your choice of time and one thing you want God to do for you this forty days.


{a} You are to Choose a time in a twenty four hour to bless the lord at least

     30 minutes daily. This is the time you want to give for God’s these forty days. When you praise God, He will seek after you and your needs {John 3:24

{b} You will not ask any personal request of God for your enemy in revenge or retaliation rather to pray that God forgive them that did hurt you and bless their lives. You must free every one in the prison of your heart to go home.

 Until job prayed for his enemy friend God did not restore him { Job 42:10

{c} Twice a week you will make out a time to  speak in tongue for an hour without using the language you know. This is to enable the Holy Ghost help you confront most issues that destroy your life without your knowledge.

It is only the Holy Ghost that actually intercedes for you according to Gods perfect will { Rom. 8:26}

{d} Speak to yourself in Psalms and spiritual song once daily – read Psalms chapters 92, 93,95,96,97,98,99,100 and Luke 1:45-55 & 68-79. Then end the prayer with Hebrews 6:10,13-20.

Now because the Holy Ghost is the only Godhead present on the earth now please save your self faster by forming a conscious altitude to talk to him intermittently as if he is there with you. Remember even if you don’t know it He is always by your side but when you talk to him constantly you will be shocked on the respond you start having within the first seven days of this practice. Christianity is a life style so experience the reality of God on Face hand basis.

 You are welcome to the HILL.




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