“Every knee will bow” is a track written out of deep love for God. However, heaven reacted and indicated that this very tract has the interest of God the Father and so will only be published at the time permitted him. This is because it will mark the beginning of an era. The era that will again see the full manifestation of God on earth as never has been since the world began. So this is an announcement in real terms; God testifying that the hour has come for all humanity to recognize the Lordship of Christ the Lord on earth.

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  1. Every Knee Will Bow   .99c 

  2. I Wanna Serve The Lord   .99c<


  3. Human Nature   .99c


  4. One Life   .99c


  5. Soul In Despair   .99c


  6. You Better Call   .99c 


  7. Set Free   .99c

  8. Far From The Lord   .99c


  9. How the Mighty Fallen   .99c


  10. The Fountain   .99c